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Top Syndicates in India: Powering Startup Investments.


In the dynamic world of startup investing, syndicate have emerged as a powerful mechanism for pooling capital and expertise to support promising ventures. Syndicates bring together a group of individual investors who collectively invest in startups, sharing the risks and rewards of the investment. In India, several syndicates have gained prominence for their role in fueling the growth of the startup ecosystem. In this blog, we will explore some of the top syndicate in India, highlighting their contributions and impact on the startup investment landscape.

1. LetsVenture:

LetsVenture is a leading online platform that connects startups with investors. They have pioneered the concept of angel syndicates in India, facilitating investments in early-stage startups. LetsVenture’s syndicates comprise experienced angel investors who provide capital, mentorship, and network support to startups. Their platform offers a streamlined process for investment syndication, making it accessible and efficient for both investors and entrepreneurs.

2. Indian Angel Network (IAN):

The Indian Angel Network is one of the largest and oldest angel investor networks in India. With a vast network of angel investors, IAN operates syndicates that invest in startups across various sectors. IAN syndicates bring together seasoned investors with diverse industry expertise, providing startups with access to capital and valuable guidance. IAN’s syndicate investments have played a pivotal role in supporting numerous successful startups in India.

3. Mumbai Angels:

Mumbai Angels is an angel investment network that operates syndicates focused on early-stage startups. With a strong presence in Mumbai and other major cities, Mumbai Angels syndicates comprise high-net-worth individuals and experienced entrepreneurs. They provide startups with funding, strategic guidance, and access to a wide network of industry connections. Mumbai Angels syndicates have backed several disruptive startups across industries.

4. Venture Catalysts:

Venture Catalysts is one of India’s largest integrated incubation platforms and angel networks. They operate syndicates that invest in early-stage startups and provide them with comprehensive support, including funding, mentorship, and access to their extensive network of investors and corporate partners. Venture Catalysts’ syndicates have been instrumental in nurturing and scaling innovative startups in India.

5. 100X.VC:

100X.VC is India’s first sector-agnostic, industry-funded venture capital fund. They operate a unique syndicate model known as iSAFE (India SAFE), which provides startups with capital through a standardized investment instrument. 100X.VC syndicates focus on pre-seed and seed-stage investments, enabling startups to raise funds efficiently and expedite their growth. Their innovative approach has attracted attention and investment from prominent industry players.

6. Unicorn India Ventures:

Unicorn India Ventures is a leading early-stage venture capital fund that also operates syndicates. They invest in startups across sectors such as technology, healthcare, and consumer internet. Unicorn India Ventures syndicates bring together a diverse group of investors who provide startups with financial support, industry expertise, and strategic guidance. Their syndicate investments have contributed to the success of numerous promising startups.


Syndicates play a crucial role in the startup investment ecosystem, connecting startups with experienced investors and facilitating access to capital and expertise. The top syndicate in India, such as LetsVenture, Indian Angel Network, Mumbai Angels, Venture Catalysts, 100X.VC, and Unicorn India Ventures, have been instrumental in supporting and nurturing startups across various sectors. Through their syndicate investments, these organizations have not only provided startups with essential funding but also contributed to their growth, success, and impact on the Indian startup ecosystem. As the startup landscape continues to evolve, syndicates will remain a vital force in shaping the future of startup investments in India.

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